International Symposium: Reimagining Inclusive Cities in the COVID-19 Era

International Workshop

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On behalf of Cities Alliance, GIZ India, Habitat for Humanity, World Bank, HSMI of HUDCO, Asian Development Bank (ADB) and National Institute of Urban Affairs (NIUA), the Scaling City Institutions for India (SCI-FI) initiative at Centre for Policy Research is pleased to invite you to the International Symposium on:

Flyer for International Symposium

Day 01 - Responsive urban planning framework towards building equitable and inclusive cities in the wake of Covid-19:

Day 01: Presentations:

Planning for Slums in Mumbai SRA – its replicability by Vidyadhar Phatak


São Paulo: The right to the city, the right to life by Fernando Mello Franco


Slum upgrading and Inclusive planning by David Satterthwaite


Day 02 - Upgrading Informal Settlements to Foster Resilient Cities against Future Pandemics:

Day 02: Presentations:

Chief Minister’s Slum Development Programme BASERA by Ajoy Sharma


Incremental Informal Settlement Upgrading in Durban by Faizal Seedat


Indonesia’s Slum Upgrading Program by Tri Dewi Virgiyanti


JAGA Mission: Participatory Slum Upgradation & Delisting in Odisha by G Mathi Vathanan


Day 03 - Session Details:

Day 03: Presentations:

MEDELLÍN: Urbanism and Society - Upgrading barrios - A process by Jorge Pérez-Jaramillo


Secretariat of Social - Urban Integration by Fernanda Garcia Monticelli