Compendium on Community Participation in Urban Water and Sanitation

Anju Dwivedi, Ranjita Mohanty, Bharti

Academic and Action Research


Community Participation in Urban WASH has been gaining prominence over the last few decades. Various civil society organisations are engaged in strengthening community-based organisations in urban poor settlements to improve access, usage and control over WASH infrastructure and services, leading to sustainable WASH initiatives. In addition, community participation has strengthened accountability mechanisms and led to the emergence of women and youth leadership in urban poor localities.

Community participation has become a central theme for driving Urban WASH programmes in the community. There is greater recognition and assimilation of participatory approaches in national programmes and policies such as the Swachh Bharat Mission (Urban).

This Compendium is based on primary and secondary research and is a collection of community-driven sanitation initiatives in urban water and sanitation steered by Civil Society Organisations. With increasing focus on City Wide Inclusive Sanitation, models and practices on community participation documented in this Compendium will be helpful.