Connect: The New Entertainment Paradigm for the Urban Poor

Anindita Mukherjee, Pooja Gupta, Aastha Jain, Deepti Raj

Academic and Action Research


Easy access to low cost smartphones and affordable internet plans has accelerated the penetration of digital media, especially among the economically weaker sections of the society. This study conducted a household survey in the slums of six big cities of India to throw light on the choices and behaviour of the urban poor population with respect to the digital space. The findings not only details their choice of handset and recharge pattern, the preferred online platforms, the kind of content being consumed, no. of hours being spent on different platforms, preferred language of content, etc. but also how these choices vary across various socio-economic and geographical categories. Learnings from successful digital campaign of SBM was studied by comparing the performance of various traditional media with that of online media. The report concludes that OTT is an emerging media among the urban poor population across cities, and has the potential to be used as an effective tool for reaching the underserved, especially to implement strategies related to behaviour change communication (BCC).