Knowledge Products Prepared Under FCDO-SCI FI CPR- HUDD GoO Partnership


Programme Implementation , Capacity Strengthening


The FCDO-CPR partnership for “Building State Capacities for land, planning and slum upgrading for resilient cities in Odisha” has been working closely with the H&UDD, Government of Odisha since 2020. The partnership primarily focused on setting up processes for effective monitoring of the UWEI program launched in April 2020 to tackle the crisis and provide rapid relief to reduce livelihood vulnerabilities of the urban poor in the event of the global pandemic. It also supported in formulating a long-term wage employment scheme, Mukhyamantri Karma Tatapara Abhiyan (MUKTA) by expanding the scope of UWEI. The partnership further steered various interventions enabling significant momentum in Odisha’s journey towards slum-free and slum-proof cities by launching comprehensive SOP on New Liveable Habitat guided by the principle of maximising in-situ settlement of slums. Furthermore, the project supported the GoO in demonstrating utilisation of the vast data repository created during phase 1 of JAGA Mission by translating the same into an online planning tool and using it for solving critical problems of land exchange, adjustment of revenue boundaries among others.

Three knowledge products on 1) New Habitat 2) Urban Wage Employment Initiative, and 3) Online Tool for City-Level Slum Free Planning, have been developed under this partnership for documenting the learnings from the above endeavours. These highlight the institutional arrangement, capacity building, planning, and implementation approaches for each of the themes. It further brings out the critical aspects of on-ground implementation, challenges, and opportunities.

The knowledge products have been launched at the National Workshop on 'Learnings from Odisha's Efforts of Building Resilient Cities' jointly organised by the British High Commission in India and Scaling City Institutions for India (SCI-FI) at the Centre for Policy Research (CPR) in partnership with the Housing and Urban Development Department (H&UDD), Government of Odisha on 28th January 2022.