Swachh Bharat: Industry Enagagement - Scope and Example

Shubhagato Dasgupta, Kimberly M Noronha, Nikhil George, R Seetharaman, Amandeep Singh, Tripti Singh, Swati Dhiman, Aditya Bhol

Academic and Action Research


This report explores the opportunities for investment in sanitation by the private sector,  and it profiles 16 initiatives currently being undertaken for the provision of sanitation services and infrastructure, either through corporate social responsibility (CSR) funding, public private partnership (PPP), or independent corporate funding. 

Suggested Citation: Shubhagato Dasgupta, DTV Raghu Ramaswamy, Kimberly Noronha, Smitha Rao, Seetharaman R., Nikhil George, Amandeep Singh, Tripti Singh, Swati Dhiman, Aditya Bhol. 2015. Swachh Bharat: Industry Engagement – Scope & Examples. SCI-FI: Sanitation Initiative, Research Report. New Delhi: Centre for Policy Research